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The LT70 Remote

The LT70R combines the proven production capabilities of the popular and successful LT70 with a remote control operator stand and system of conveyors and tables for material handling.
The remote operator control stand enables the operator to site himself in the optimum sawing position. From this remote station, the operator can easily control all aspects of the mill, from log handling, to determining board thickness and controlling the cutting and return movement of the head.
The addition of an optional log deck, inclined conveyor for board removal and transfer table or the use of the standard (3 m) modular tables make the LT70 Remote easy to integrate into any new or existing installation.
The LT70 Remote is the most productive mill in the “orange” range of Wood-Mizer products. In terms of the overall method of operation, the LT70 Remote is similar to the industrial LT300 but for the lower volume user the reduced initial cost of the LT70R means that the margin returned per sawn cubic meter is similar.

LT40 Serisi Performans Detayları
Max. Kütük Kapasitesi LT70S: 95 cm dia. x 4.8 m
LT70M: 95 cm dia. x 6.1 m
Kütük Yükleme Hydraulic
Kafa Çalışması Güç Besleme ve  Aşağı/Yukarı
Güç Opsiyonları 18.5 kW Electric
Standart Roller, Double Block Blade Guides
Remote Operator Station
Auto Clutch
Opsiyonlar Super Hydraulic Package for M Beds
Hold Down Clamps
Römork Paketi
Yatak Genişliği : 1.8 m ya da 3.6 m ya da 7.2 m

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